Groundfloor on the road again !!

19 maí 2011

Óli is flying over to Salzburg on monday, Thorri bought some new strings and I´ve got my Henry back, all the right ingredient for a great one week tour from Austria to Italy. 
 We have been working on some new track the last months and we are hoping we get to play some of that new stuff for you guys this time around. We will of course play all the new tracks from "..this is what´s left of it" that came out in january, but a cd production takes a long time and those "new" songs are not really that new to us, so we are going to try something brand new, never heard before.  
Our tour this time is a short one but therefore more energy, we will play Kaiviertelfest im Salzburg friday 27th 17:00, with Harpa on piano, (the only show with Harpa this time), the we play a power gig in Plan B in Schalmooser haubtstrasse friday 27th 20:00 (almost our rehearsal room), then we drive off to Brixen, Sud Tirol, for three gigs, first open air somewhere in Brixen city 10:00 in the morning !, then we do Zugluft festival in Brixen sunday the 29th and again Brixen on wednesday in prestige Weingallery in Brixen.
So all of you Brixeners and those of you who know people in Brixen, spread the word and C U THERE ! 

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