Groundfloor tour over !

4 júní 2011

 This trip was something out of the ordinary, cancelations, monsoon rains, fights, love and long car drives with a lots of empty beer bottles... a real adventurous Groundfloor week !
 After two days of constant rehearsals, Groundfloor was ready to take the stage in Kaigassefest Salzburg. The gear is ready on stage, the other band was already gone when the monsoon rain hit the town ! Everything was floated and wet, DI boxes, cables, amps and instruments and nobody in audience, Groundfloor cancelled the first gig in 7 years and packed of for a power show in Plan B. The band "threw in the bomb" and played for good audience with attitude and left the house burning, driving to Brixen Italy for a early Saturday show. Off we went.
We were at 03:30 at the Italien house where we stayed, and got woken up at 07:30 to make the stage and arrange sound system and stuff. Still drunk or hung over from the long drive, we managed to "torch the place" in downtown Brixen resulting great reviews. Then we went back to sleep and enjoyed the good feeling in Zugluft festival where we would play the following day.
Groundfloor took the stage in Zugluft festival 13:00 played a full set and hit the road again, back to Salzburg. Things started to cook up. Impatience for the last gig, two days in waiting and drinking beer. After two days waiting, a lot had happen between band members and others and when the shit hit the fan in bad promotion and no PA and no drum set and nothing, things blew up. Breaking and entry in an unknown place in Brixen, our own drumset stolen back from a locked garage, fights and the band quit ! For about 10 seconds. 
We made the stage and threw in another bomb, an exploding set in Brixen Weingalery, full house and some great reviews. Thanks Brixen. 
Then the band packed up again for Salzburg, it was a nice but adventurous trip. 
Next up,
Groundfloor  Solieri Italy 21. July 2011. See you there !

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