Thanks to everyone !

12 júní 2011

 Groundfloor finished a memorable tour through Austria and Italy last week, with cancellations and all kind of funky stuff going down. Although this short tour is over we have already started working on a high profile show in the end of July in Solieri Italy, invited again to headline one night in Mundus festival.
Life goes on after Groundfloor. Sound Post just finished the first rehearsal with Lukas Kletzander on pIano (as a sub for our guitarrist Julian Urabl) when we packed off and played at the wedding of our good friends Eugene and Regina in the Salzlager in Pernerinsel Hallein. Thanks a lot to everyone that helped us out (exp. Bernard for the PA) and all the other ones that brought us beer on stage. It was the nicest evening. 
Even so nice that me and Harpa deceided to use Lukas on some of the Sound Post recordings in the summer or fall, we want to have a official Sound Post record ready next summer. We want to record with few defferent ensambles, guitar and piano trios, Quartets and sax and stuff and so on... that will be fun.
ok, thanks again for all of you that read through blabbermouth every week, thanks for tuning in.
...oh yeh, I almost forgot, Harpa´s (magister project from Mozarteum) opera "The Bear" from William Walton will premier on wedensday and again on sunday night, (and that´s all) and my BaadRoots and Thorri´s HighnLow are playing strassenfest in Mülln 26th june. Be there or  be ... somewhere else...

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