Groundfloor on the move again

17 júlí 2011

 After the usual few months brake, Óli meets up with me,  Harpa and Thorri who comes from Munich and the first rehearsals are planned to take place tomorrow. Then we are off to Italy !
 Our new record "... this is what´s left of it" is slowing taking off, listeners are slowly getting the picture that we didnt go out to do another "bones" record, we have our own label so we do dont have to follow some requests from above. as in a total artistic freedom and through that we went out to record a musically wide ranged record, with minimalistic songs as "How all things end" to theatrical pieces as "Rapture" and our anti war theme "They went wild". Along with those special tunes we still have ti normal GF stuff going on, "Counting the days", "When you´re down" and a very beautiful piece, in memorium of Óli´s brother Viktor, Last day, where Óli writes his most personal lyric in the history of Groundfloor. We are all really proud of our new record and expecially that the Italians tend to like it... and off we go.
We have been working closely with an Italian booking agency in Modena and since 2009 we have gathered a strong follow in that area and therefor are we all exstremely exited for visiting Solieri Italy on wednesday again.
And for those of you who still have not bought "..this is..."  we have some copies and are willing to send all o ver the world. just make contact through info@groundfloor.at, or though our store in our new website  www.groundfloor.at
p.s we havent played in Iceland since 2008, do you think its time?

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