Icelandic music night and fransiskaner benefit concert

9 desember 2011

 We had a great weekend with some great friends and great audience in the beginning of december, Sound Post, Third Culture kid, High and low and BaadRoots as all the people who came to listen to Sound Post christmas gig in Halldora´s school.
 After some heavy planing and organizing we managed to get some good crowd to our Icelandic music night. Hjörtur took the stage and hammered through a highly personal cool set list, his voice is totally unique and he manages to make his guitar and his melodies to draw some amazing pictures of sounds, surroundings and feelings. 
 BaadRoots were the second band, after a nice comfortable set from the third culture the "bad´s" took off with their fastest piece "suck on that MF" and Dominik hammered the horrible epiano to shreds. The show took on some wild turns in terms of soslo´s, and at one point a special guest from Wien, artist name Hjalax broke out in some cool trumpet Miles kind of solos. 
  Sound Post were next up with Harpa filling Jazzit with her warm and loving voice, performing material with Lukas Kletzander on piano form their forthcoming album "Stories" due to be released in Marz 2012.
  Thorri´s High and low closed the night with high quality new wave Icelandic pop performance, with Camillo on drums, me (Halli) on bass and Stefan Bachman on clarinette.
On sunday, Sound Post with Lukas and Thorri gave a heartwarming christmas concert in the Volkschule der Fransiskaner  in Schwarzstrasse. For a totally packed house (and even people standing putside the auditiorium) Sound Post played through some icelandic christmas songs plus some american ones and between Harpa read the audience stories of the many icelandic santa´s. living in themountains, all sons of the mean Grýla who eats naughty children. We had so much fun. Thanks again.
Sound Post will do a small christmas concert in Plan B musikcafe coming sunday at 19:30, Icelandic and american christmas songs in addition to our usual Sound Post songs. Come and enjoy the advent with us.

We would exspecially like to thank everybody that came out to see us and hope that you´ll also be there next time. Cheers !

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