New website, a new record and some new dreams

12 janúar 2012

 The new years goes off with a blast. We are working on getting everything done in time for production and there seems to be an awful lot to attend to. Beside others I started my own music label...
 mYOUsic.is is has been slowly recovering since the Icelandic Music Night, which could have better attended but, we had a bad day. But that was last year. Sound Post is getting ready for a huge release... and of course, I take it the whole way. I produced some 50 demos of a good selection of song from our new record and hit the streets. I took the train to Wienna and knocked on the door of almost everylabel that had ever produced a singele cd for the last 50 years, offering our product. Aznd again in Munich the next few days. Now we just sit and wait. But dont worry, we will still produce it even if we will not fins a lebel. "Stories" will be released in the end of february at the latest.

BaadRoots will be playing a jamsession in our favorite jazzclub in town Jazzit 24.01 and we hope we will see all of you there. We are also working on releasing our first record, entitled "klinkogbjór". We have already recorded 5 of the songs we are going to use for the record and we will record the other half of the cd in another fine salzburgiean jazzclub, SoWhat on the 27th. Those of you who want to take place in a historical record session, just come over.

Enough for now, C U L8er !

What is mYOUsic.is?

mYOUsic.is is a website covering most musical aspects of doublebassist/composer Haraldur Gudmundsson. His icelandic acoustic rock band Groundfloor, his vocal jazz trio Sound Post and Jazz/rock trio Baad Roots. Myousic.is host also contacts and information regarding doublebass lessons and session work.